Alexander the Great commissioned Indian ships to ferry his

Colonialism and Rule of Law

moncler outlet online Dr Poh Soo Kai replied, necessarily, it not about the skin colour, you see. The Japanese were not white, they also colonised us. It is the imperial mentality that people under imperialism deserve to be subjugated simply because they are not born of the race. moncler outlet online

moncler sale I spent a lot of time in early February listening to stories of transnational activism, before and after the Japanese occupation in South east Asia, from the man himself, Dr Poh Soo Kai. moncler sale

moncler outlet sale Poh shared many stories. When we went to the beach for lunch, Poh told stories of what Soekarno did to the communists in Indonesia (Madium 1948), and how the cheap moncler outlet communists supported Soekarno anyway, when he nationalised Indonesian assets to piss off moncler mens jackets the Dutch. moncler outlet sale

moncler outlet store And then stories of Malayan communists. moncler sale outlet Led by Loi Teck, who was a Vietnamese, the communists brokered an agreement with the British in return for recognition of the Malayan Communist Party in the new parliamentary democracy Malaya was supposed to adopt upon independence. moncler outlet store

cheap moncler coats When the British left, the Malayan communists had fought the Japanese to gain independence. When the war was over, there was a dilemma, whether or not to continue the fight, since the British came back to secure Malaya again. cheap moncler coats

moncler outlet jackets The British made an agreement with Loi Teck, under which they recognised the MCP for a ceasefire of the arms struggle that would resist the British return. moncler outlet jackets

moncler factory outlet Ahmad Boestamam and other members of the Persatuan Kebangsaan Melayu Malaya (PKMM), the anti colonial party set up after the Japanese occupation, refused to lay down arms and wanted to continue the arms struggle for independence. moncler factory outlet

Unfortunately, PKMM could not fight without the communists. So when they laid down arms, as per Loi Teck instructions, the left had no choice but to discontinue the arms struggle.

Shortly after surrendering their arms, Loi Teck disappeared with MCP money. They looked for him, but according to Chin Peng (on right in photo), the Thai communists found and killed him because he resisted arrest. It was later known that Loi Teck was a double agent that had double crossed his own comrades for his own personal gains.

British needed the distraction

cheap moncler jackets Why the British had been so to the communists in Malaya was because they had to hold down the ports in Indonesia for the Dutch. The British Indian Army was sent all over Indonesia where there were uprisings, largely to Surabaya and Bandung, before the Dutch were strong enough to come back. cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler In the meantime, the British, who were not strong enough to fight moncler outlet store the Malayan communists, had to convince MCP to lay down arms, via Loi Teck. The British needed this distraction so that Malayan communists could not succeed in gaining independence for Malaya, and for the British troops to come back from Indonesia. cheap moncler

moncler outlet uk When the war was over, the Dutch got hold of Indonesia, British moncler outlet troops were called back to suppress Malaya, and that was when all unions and left wing organisations were banned and many of their leaders killed. moncler outlet uk

moncler sale outlet The promises the British made to MCP via Loi Teck to recognise the communists never materialised. As a matter of fact, with the newfound strength of the British army, they defeated the communists into exile. moncler sale outlet

see, Maryam, the cruel thing about colonialism is how brown people kill other brown people for those with pale skin and blue eyes, Juliet said. Juliet is also a friend who had accompanied us in Yogyakarta.

made us fight each other, kill each other, and not even for the benefit of our own countries, but for the benefit of the imperialist countries, her interjection served as a reminder of the unnecessary evils of colonialism, from which we only broke free not too long ago.

moncler outlet Some of the people who lived through British and Japanese occupations in Malaya are still living. And they tell their stories in their memoirs to be compared to the history written by those who cheap moncler sale had won, at least on the side of history. moncler outlet

Colonialism may be a recent past, but unfortunately, it lives as a distant memory. Poh stories must continue to be told and recorded to do cheap moncler coats justice to our post colonial discourse. For historians, or those who record history, have the power to tell truth to power in a time full of deception. What she lacks in spelling when writing in English is made up for with her many writings in Bahasa Malaysia. She believes in conversations as the most valuable yet underrated cause of social change. She wants people to recognise silences and give them a voice, as she tries to bring people together through words.

The backstory is the Oxford Union Debate of July 2015, on whether Britain should pay reparations to its former moncler outlet online colonies. Shashi Tharoor’s team won handily, arguing that Britain should. The YouTube segment of his speech went viral, downloaded a stunning three million times. cheap moncler Hence the book Inglorious Empire: What the British did to India, published in 2017.

Tharoor took the lectern at the Asia Society in Hong Kong moncler outlet sale on Dec. 2, not fully recovered from mobilizing relief in Kerala forr victims of Cyclone Ockhi. Beset by coughing fits, his practiced recitation of the ruination of India by the East India Company and the British Crown was matter of fact. He spoke without notes.

The result is a bitter indictment of colonialism and an argument that the UK gained far more from India than India ever gained from colonialism. Narratives of British rule in India, he said, rarely dwell on the rapacity of the 80 90 percent tax levied on farmers, the substitution of food crops by opium for export to China, the massacre of 1,800 unarmed civilians by General Dyer in Amritsar, or the systematic wrecking of then world class native steel, ship building and textile industries.

moncler jacket sale Indian swords were forged from a special high carbon crucible technique developed in south India in the 3d Century BC. Seaborne trade with the Middle East exported this knowledge, where it gained fame as the „Damascus Sword.“ British troops were known to retrieve the superior sabers of the Indian warriors they shot in battle, Tharoor writes. moncler jacket sale

cheap moncler outlet The Raj closed India’s iron and steel furnaces on the grounds that they constituted a threat of armed native revolt, Tharoor said. The techniques and the knowhow flowed into British steelmaking which boosted the Industrial Revolution. There is a repetitive pattern of appropriation of Indian techniques, while suppressing the local crafts and trade. cheap moncler outlet

moncler jackets outlet The textile cottage industry spun fine fabrics which were the rage even of the fashionable ladies of the ancient Roman Empire. As the industrial looms began to roll in England, monlcer down jackets Indian hand looms were moncler sale smashed and in one tragic case, the thumbs of the master weavers were sliced off recorded by a Dutch observer. Indians had to purchase Lancaster cloth imported tax free, while stiff tariffs were imposed on Indian textiles. moncler jackets outlet

Indian teak and the tar derived from burning it, along with jointing techniques, outlasted European ships constructed from oak by at least cheap moncler jackets five times seaworthy life, the former diplomat charges. Alexander the Great commissioned Indian ships to ferry his retreating army to Greece. Ma Huan, interpreter on Ming Admiral Zheng He’s voyages of the 15th Century, studied boat construction in Bengal. Historically, Indian shipbuilding was globally recognized.

In 1675, the East India Company built a shipyard in Bombay to use Indian teak. The British Navy commissioned hundreds of ships for its fleet. Indian ships, Indian loot, Bengal saltpeter (gunpowder), piracy, the slave trade from Africa, opium dealing in China, and the sugar canes of the Caribbean, enabled Britain Moncler Outlet to rule the waves.

When the industrial era of steamships began, punitive tariffs were imposed on Indian shipbuilding. Investment in modern development was blocked by British shipbuilders and the colonial government. The shipbuilding industry was forcibly strangled too. Eliminating competition to monopolize trade was standard colonial policy.

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