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Description : „Exploring the connections between colonial Latin American historiography and the scholarship on the African Diaspora in the Spanish empires, Africans to Spanish America points to the continuities as well as disjunctures between the two fields of study. While a majority of the research on the colonial diaspora focuses on the Caribbean and Brazil, analysis of the regions of Mexico and the Andes open up new questions of community formation that incorporated Spanish legal strategies in secular and ecclesiastical institutions as well as articulations of multiple African identities. Therefore, it is critically important to expand the lens of the Diaspora framework that has come to shape so much of the recent scholarship on Africans in the Americas.

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The music industry is a marketplace that’s saturated with competing artists most amazing in their own right and respective genres. But it isn’t enough to just be musically talented and a gifted performer with a bangin‘ tune anymore. The world now demands more and it’s the individuals who go that one step further, with not just their creative endeavors but also their whole look.

Once you consume and practice these, make sure you path steers you toward other visionaries like Bob Burg, Michael Maher, Leo Babauta, Allison Maslan, Brian Tracy, Nancy Michaels, Matthew Kelly, Dalai Lama, Marilee Driscoll, Jack Canfield, Dave Liniger, Marc Wayshak, Rob White, John Chapin, Atul Gawande, Joe Mechlinski, Malcolm Gladwell, Cheap Heath, Brendon Burchard, Daniel Pink, Sonia Sotomayor and others. For they too all offer powerful tools on growing an extraordinary business and a life worth living. Today, upon your graduation, I offer their advice, expertise and knowledge to you.

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